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Spider Mop

$ 39.95 USD $ 99.95 USD

Do you also have the problem that your mop is not absorbent enough?

We have the solution! With the Spider Mop™, dirty floors are a thing of the past.



ULTRA INNOVATIVE DESIGN- Due to its newly developed X-shape, the EasyMop fits into any corner and can be completely wrung out with one handle, thus simplifying your wiping experience immensely.


SAVE TIME- There is a reason why you don't really want to mop 👉 it takes too long! Let the functionality of the EasyMop inspire you. It has never been so easy to keep your floor clean and in such a short time. 


ONE FOR ALL- Our EasyMop is ideal for all floors, whether laminate, tile, parquet or PVC. Due to its unique microfiber cloth, it absorbs twice as much dust as conventional mops do.


 ✅SIMPLY MORE- Your new EasyMop is pressed out with a simple hand movement on the handle and is easy to store due to its simple construction.


360° FLEXIBLE- With the 360° rotating head of your new EasyMop, you can immediately wipe up dirt, grease, liquids or hair. Even hard to reach places will no longer be a problem for you.



Step 1: Assemble your EasyMop™.
Step 2: Now you can already start wiping.

Package includes:

1 x  EasyMop™
3 x Microfiber cloth
1 x  instruction manual